Our Story

Here at Nutopia Nut Butters we're on a mission to share our enticing twists on traditional nut butters.

Nutopia Nut Butters
As big nut butter lovers, we started mulling over how to satisfy our hankering in a delicious yet nourishing way. We began experimenting from home - roasting and grinding nuts and carefully selecting our ingredients to give a delectable fruity sweetness whilst maintaining that wholesome nuttiness.
Nutopia Nut Butters
And now we just couldn't resist sharing with you. So welcome to our Nutopia! We’ve gone ‘next level’ and started Cumbria’s very own flavoured nut butter business.

Our spectrum of tantalising flavours are perfect for you porridge lovers, you late-night toast addicts and those of you who just love spooning straight from the jar! 🥜🥄

Starting As We Mean To Go On

As we develop our 'Nutopia' we want to be more than just delectable nut butters. To us that means expanding our horizons, having an open mind and looking at the bigger picture. We want to be a business working towards making change for the better - stay tuned.

Where You Can Find Us

You can satisfy your cravings now by ordering online! If you're a retailer interested in stocking us, please contact us for details.